and integrations

Our product is constantly evolving and improving. Over the years, we have setup multiple integrations with third party companies which are complementary to the Roger platform, such as Romware by Rombit, Play it safe, Storychief, CentoMedia and many others.

With these frontend integrations, companies can truly create smart interconnected environments for their entire workforce.


Centomedia is an expert in digital signage and screen communication. With the Centomedia integration, TV monitors can be linked to your Roger dashboard, adding a highly effective channel to your all-in-one internal communication solution.

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FLOWSPARKS is an easy-to-use, flexible learning platform, enabling anyone in the company to develop attractive e-learning in no time. Once the e-learning is created in Flowsparks, Roger makes sure it gets to the right employees at the right time via the right channel.

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Play it Safe

Play it Safe is a leading game-based learning platform for safety and prevention. When using game-based learning, personnel can be trained 4x faster and 30% better. With this integration, you can start training your employees in a fun and modern way in no time.

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Romware by Rombit

Rombit developed a premium safely wearable, pre-configured with a Covid social distancing alert functionality. Thanks to an integration with Meet Roger, both workers and management can be automatically notified when a safety issue occurs.

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