Starting a

Back in 2016, our founder Cedric Vercauteren (the original 'Roger') wrote down the idea of building a platform to centralize all internal communication channels into one smart intuitive dashboard. Working as a team leader within a large enterprise himself, he experienced the struggle of communicating with a fragmented white and blue-collar workforce via classic channels, such as intranet, email, a piece of paper or ad valves. Information was often read too late or not at all, which clearly threatened business operations. With the firm belief that the power of well-executed, streamlined internal communication is still strongly underestimated in many companies, a movement was born.

Since then, we are on a mission to advocate the relevance and importance of well-oiled internal messaging to create a happy, engaged workforce. We are set to encourage leaders around the world to discover its full potential.

Since the very beginning of our journey, we see conversations being started, workforces becoming engaged, companies being reborn. A movement that started in 2016, but is far from over. A movement that is highly necessary and relevant in today's fast-changing digitized world.

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