A Smart Platform
for Communicators

From many channels to one

No more creating multiple announcements on different channels such as email, Sharepoint, TV displays and many others. With Roger, you can organize and manage your entire internal communication via one centralized dashboard. Collaborate with the team, create, plan & approve messages in one digital collaboration hub.


Attractive messages, easy to compose

With the powerful and intuitive message editor, you can create attractive messages in no time. Add copy, pictures, videos, documents, links, feedback polls and surveys or embed external content from any website. Easy to compose, pleasant to read.

Targeted communications

Each individual message can be targeted to a specific group of employees. This can be a department, a location, an employee category, or even an individual. By targeting your messages, relevance and reading motivation increase drastically.


Measurable insights

All data is captured and visualized in an intuitive dashboard. Analyze the performance of your communication strategy, set and track KPI's, prove your value and showcase realtime results.

A Smart Platform
for Employees

One central hub for all info

Gone are the days of looking for information on various locations. Roger brings all company info together in one easy-to-use application, creating a single source of truth for all employees. Accessible via smartphone (app) and desktop (web). 


Channel of choice

Employees can choose via which channel they want to be informed: work or private email, WhatsApp, SMS or directly via the Roger smartphone app or desktop application. Channel of choice means peace of mind for all types of employees and all generations!

Personalized newsfeed

Thanks to smart targeting, the newsfeed shows items and topics tailored to each individual. Only relevant info, always interesting to check.


Polls and Surveys

Rating forms, surveys and happiness polls give
employees the chance to provide feedback and let
their voice be heard. The best way to increase engagement!